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We are a multinational organization that provides Cloud Analytical Solutions and Consulting Services to organizations that demand data-driven results.  Following a strong implementation methodology, we help your organization redefine data strategies by combining the right tools and services.  Our value proposition is to leverage and unite the power of the cloud, with a steady data stewardship, resulting in a better decision making process. 


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G3 Catman

Industry: Retail & Consumer Goods

Maximize your sales performance with a complete cloud service that gives you the advantage you need by combining diverse data sources with powerful analytics. Designed for CPGs, convenience stores and supermarket chains, G3 Catman will unleash the power of POS sales data

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G3 Foods

Industry: Restaurants / Hospitality

Undertake the challenge of consolidating your data with our cloud solution that will delight you with dashboards to monitor your sales, tickets, COGS efficiency and waste, all together in a single view. G3 Foods is designed to meet the highest industry standards needs to analyze your stores with an exceptional dashboard experience.

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G3 Energy

Industry: Energy

G3 Energy empowers energy companies and institutions to constantly monitor their sales and services, using robust, easy to use dashboards that give you an integral overview of energy generation, KPIs, financial statements and more. 

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Business Intelligence

Companies that have a data driven culture with modern tools are five times more likely to make swifter and more informative decisions. We offer Business Intelligence consultancy with Microsoft products to help you achieve more with your data.

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Machine Learning

Answer complex business questions with our Azure Machine Learning services. Discover different types of hidden insights in your data and learn from the outcomes with powerful algorithms that can easily connect to your existing data sources. 

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Dashboarding and Storytelling

Presenting data in effective visualizations is critical for showcasing your data. It is the cornerstone for promoting a data driven culture and making a BI project successful. Leverage our expertise in developing meaningful and stunning dashboards with Tableau or Power BI. 

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Data Preparation Services

Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Great analytics require good data preparation.  In the extract, transform and load process of data, let us help you succeed with our data preparation services.  

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 “Power is gained by sharing knowledge not hoarding it.”

– Maria Khan

We provide guided training sessions so you can fully utilize your BI solution to achieve your goals.

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Business intelligence and advanced analytics are critical business drivers, but many customers—especially in the retail sector—have had to dramatically cut costs to keep their businesses alive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Gensa is supporting its hardest hit customers by storing and analyzing their data at no cost for the rest of this year to ensure they have the data they need to support their recovery.


For example, customers like PACER—an apparel company that operates in 4 different countries with 37 stores and more than 400 B2B customers—have had to close their physical locations. To support the local pandemic response, they had to pivot their business to help distribute uniforms for first responders and masks for the general public. As their Cloud Services Provider, Gensa is currently hosting their data free of charge so they can still monitor their operations. 

Now more than ever, Gensa is committed to helping companies overcome this situation in a way that embodies the Microsoft mission:
To empower every person and organization to achieve more.

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