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Our solutions allow you to see your data from a new perspective, giving you dynamic and agile views to mastermind your organizational strategy

Accessing all your data in one place has never been so easy and fast.  

Microsoft partner of the year 2019

Why choose us?

Certified Professionals and experts

4 Geographical markets

+6 Specialties in data preparation and dashboarding

+50 Combined years of experience in data analytics

Meet our founders

Francisco Elizondo

The Customer Experience

“Teamwork, collaboration, and partnerships are the way we get work done.  We value our clients and want them to see us as an extension of their business.  Our models require customer feedback and input, keeping them informed, and ensuring constant contact. “

Alberto Gonzalez Stein

The Visionary

“Being the visionary of our team, I am constantly working to develop IT solutions that allow companies to achieve more.  Playing in over 5 different industries with over 30 SaaS products, we are constantly innovating.  Innovation to me is about understanding the trends and forecasting the future, taking calculated risks.”

Byron Navas

The Data Methodology

“With a background in business intelligence, I am passionate about organizations being built with a solid, data architecture and data methodologies. After creating a solid data foundation and the right tools, the most critical part of any business intelligence solution is the implementation.  To be successful you need to thoroughly understand the organizational structure of a company. “