Data Preparation Services

Data scientists and data analysts report that 80% of their time is spent preparing data.

Many IT departments cannot keep up with this demand or track the continuous volumes of data from the multitude of sources.  Business intelligence demand data warehouses and for that you need data preparation services. 

Gensa Group offers data preparation services, so you never have to worry about extracting data from different sources, nor creating and maintaining these platforms. Gensa Group will partner with you to gather all your data and place it in your data warehouse.  During the processes of discovery, cleaning and validating your data, we will ensure the usefulness of your data, make sure nothing is missing and that private data is masked. 

In utilizing our services, you will have clean, harmonized data that is scalable and restructurable, giving you the flexibility of working with a wide variety of applications  Our team of quality assurance technicians ensure your data is error-free and delivered in optimum time, ready for transfer into the data warehouse.

Platform expertise

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